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Examples of “contain”

These examples of contain are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web.

Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors.

visit for sale Sofft Vanita outlet 2014 unisex visit 5XOKRoofB Satyr-maskers who represented or incarnated the multitude of the dead drew the ship on wheels containing his image through the streets.
The idea that the primordial mixture contained seeds of plants and animals takes account of both these points.
The mid-trophozoite stage, 18-24 hours post-invasion, contains a highly transcriptionally active nucleus with abundant euchromatin.
All of the organisms, and their progeny, contained either 1 large mitochondrion or several smaller ones.
The list contains links to the full-text document files.
When the base contains a high vowel, the denominal verb has [j] in medial position.
Although it can be searched by keyword, it contains no fields or section identifiers to facilitate searches.
The control booklet contained only the introduction to the clinic.
A more concise version of the annotation hierarchy containing only the terms found in the annotation tool can be accessed at.
Each picture pair contained similar or identical characters or objects.
A report of the conference will also be provided to all participants complete with a package containing handouts.
Altruism, mutuality and developmental dependencies are framed as contained by the private in this respect.
Aggression has been necessary - and yet aggression must be contained if we are to survive.
Heterocyst-vegetative cell junctions often excrete copious amount of mucilage, which contains carbohydrates, peptides [6] and free amino acids [7].
The feelings of marginalization and rebellion manifested themselves through expressions of song, ribaldry, and freedom that could not be contained.

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